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Local History

Miles Cove first appears in the 1911 Census reporting a population of 45. The population since
1911 has slowly increased, despite the loss of people to larger centres such as Roberts Arm,
Springdale and Baie Verte during resettlement in the 1950's and 1960's. Miles Cove received
settlers from other resettled communities such as Wellmans Cove, Paddock's Bight and Jerry's
Harbour on Sunday Cove Island. When the causeway linking the Island to the mainland was
constructed in 1973 the community saw many people who had moved away return.

The main sources of employment had been the local fishery, the French shore and Labrador
fisheries, and the lumber woods.

The 1921 Census recorded Miles Cove residents as being Methodist, except for one Church of
England person. The Pentecostal Assemblies arrived in the late 1930's and by 1971 over 80% of
the population was Pentecostal. Some of the main family surnames in the community were Fudge,
Hewlett, Morey, Normore, Reid and Rowsell.

Sunday Cove Island Mines

In 1893, Captain Philip Cleary approached Messrs. Matheson and Company with ore samples from
another copper property found at Miles Cove on Sunday Cove Island. The Mathesons said the ore
was unmarketable but Philip Cleary said there findings were fabricated because of the Crescent
Lake affair.

In 1898, the Tharsis Sulphur and Copper Company came to Newfoundland from Glasgow, when
international copper prices increased, looking for copper mines to lease. If they had not been so
anxious to obtain property they would have realized why Cleary was so eager to have them lease
Sunday Cove Island. It was only after they have obtained the Miles Cove claim and had exported
210 tonnes of copper ore did they realized that it was indeed unmarketable. The mine fell into
disrepair when the company left in 1899 and at present there is no sign of the mine at Miles Cove.

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